Eric Bjorndahl, Founder and CEO of TravBuddy.

“Tim is an excellent writer and has been a pleasure to work with. The articles he’s written for us have always been well-researched, high quality, and to our specifications. He is professional, independent, and self-motivated, and has never had a problem with meeting a deadline. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone seeking a freelance writer.”

C. A. Keller, former Editor-in-Chief of Flashing Swords Magazine.

“T.W. is exceptionally creative, driven, organized, determined, timely, detail-oriented, committed and conscientious. T. W. is easy to work with as he is intellectually agile and perceptive while maintaining a high degree of what I would consider to be ethical consistency. He takes suggestions on board with willing graciousness yet if he feels an idea might weaken or invite an inconsistency within a project he is not afraid to stand by his original vision or concept. I’d certainly be willing to work with him again.”

Reinout H.M. te Brake, Founder and CEO of MMO Life Network.

“Gosh, what a writer. We enjoyed all the articles. It enriched our portal and most of all, the readers liked it. Not only passionate but a feeling how to write it that the audience understands it and enjoys reading. Keep it up!

Michael Scarpelli, Co-Owner and Content Director for Black Chicken Studios, the company behind Academagia.

“We were very pleased with the work Tim did for us. Academagia is a very unique project—a computer game based entirely around the fiction created by our writers. What we asked Tim to do was not only write entertaining, creative fiction. We also asked him to write in a very specific, non-standard format that required him to write very efficiently and to consider a variety of technical concerns at the same time. He worked quickly and well on very short deadlines with virtually no lead-time for his efforts. Tim attacked the work with relish, responded well to all guidance, turned around edits quickly and never failed to deliver for us.”

DJ Vishnu, founder and songwriter for DJ Vishnu.

For professional quality content completed on time and on budget, we make one call: Complete Writing Solutions. Thanks again Tim! 

My travel articles have appeared on USA Today, and I’ve worked on home improvement content for brands such as Dremel. I’ve written game guides for Killer Guides. I’ve written health, recipe and eco-friendly articles for Green Diva Mom. I’ve written an extensive body of travel articles for Trav Buddy as a work-for-hire author, and I spent 8 months as a writer and editor for the kids-to-teens fantasy RPG Academagia. I’ve worked on extensive work-for-hire projects for Pure Content Media Limited out of the UK, ranging from travel articles to personal website projects on popular TV shows, cultural mythology, history, musicals, films, actor bios, space travel, spread betting and sports betting, FOREX, travel tips, visa regulations on a global scale, employment issues, press releases and more, and I continue to work for them from time to time. I worked with Textprovider out of Germany throughout 2010 on a work-for-hire basis writing SEO articles on a wide variety of topics, and I’ve written a series of feature articles and editorials for G Magazine TV, golf’s premier lifestyle and travel magazine . My articles on MMORPGs can be found at sites such as MMO Hub and Gamer God, and in 2009 I wrote two separate short stories for the background on a forthcoming science fiction MMORPG from GLM Entertainment out of Dubai. Using my years of experience in the field, I wrote construction/home building content for Home Anatomy, and I’ve written numerous home improvement and other articles through Demand Studios. In addition, I’ve got a few short fiction sales under my belt to various e-zines and magazines, not the least of which was the first incarnation of Marginal Boundaries back in early 2010, which at the time was a speculative fiction magazine some writing friends of mine helped me put together, showcasing a wide variety of writing and artistic talent from around the world. In 2010 I revamped Marginal Boundaries into a lifestyle website based upon the way I’ve been living for the past 3+ years. In April of 2011 I published the first product for Complete Writing Solutions, the eBook Content Writing 101: How to make a minimum of $50 per hour writing for content mills, using my personal experiences over the previous 3+ years as a reference point.

For a detailed resume, feel free to query.

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