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Tools of the trade

Every industry has special tools which make the tasks within those jobs easier, and they are generally specifically tailored to that profession. By using these tools you increase your proficiency and remain relevant in your particular niche, whatever that might

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Location, location, location!

About a year ago I started reading the Location Independent website. Now, I’m not a regular reader; I probably only check in once every couple of weeks. I honestly do find their website incredibly informative, I just never have the

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Rates: what determines them?

Before you start into this article, you need to read the Being Relevant In A Modern World post, because it’s the first part of this particular article. So, at the end of the last article on being relevant in a

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Being relevant in a modern world.

Similar to the concepts presented in the Where Do I Get Started article, part of understanding the modern freelance market is understanding the differences between the print market and the digital market. This is a distinction that many writers fail

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How do I write quality articles?

The first step to writing a quality article, regardless if it is for yourself or for a client, is to remove the concept of individuality from your head. When you take on another client’s project, it’s not their project anymore.

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Content sites: are they worth it?

This is a hot topic in today’s freelance world. There are absolutely varying degrees of yes and no when it comes down to answering this question, but it largely falls into the area of “it depends on the content site,

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