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When productivity trumps quality

There’s a lot to be said about people who are successful in their given field. I was recently watching an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchens From Hell, and I was reminded of this as I watched a belligerent backwater chef

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More tools of the trade

Tools of the trade are those little things that make life easier, regardless of which industry you happen to work in. I’ve talked in the past about my passion for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but there are other things which can make

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Another look at content mills

It’s been some time since I took a closer look at content mills for the readers of the blog. The last time I covered the topic here at the Complete Writing Solutions blog was back in January and February when

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Aristic integrity versus the paycheck: the myth of art.

When you take a closer look at writing as a career path, there are literally dozens of branches to choose from these days. It used to be there were only a few clear-cut paths: journalism,  novel writing, poetry and writing

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Survivability in the 21st Century: Needs Versus Wants

This morning I was inspired to write a post on survivability after I noticed someone had reached my website after Googling the phrase “I only make 80k a year, how can I survive?” The first thought that went through my

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The latest spending trends of the average U.S. Household

So, as you all know, I have a fascination with numbers. Some might call it an obsession. You’ve seen it in many of my past posts, including Obsession with Numbers as well as the entire Content Writing Experiment throughout its

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Your Online Reputation

Perhaps this post should have more rightly been titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” The good: It’s awfully rewarding when you start seeing people Googling your name. That means you are building a reputation, in some way or

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The importance of diversity

When you look at the truly successful people in the world, they generally have several virtues in common. Dedication. Aggression. A work ethic. But most importantly they have a sense of entrepreneurship that drives them beyond simply being satisfied working

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Obsession with numbers

I’ve always been somewhat addicted to math as it relates to freelance writing. I love using numbers to prove a point, especially when it can be used to educate people away from the tired old “omgz t3h content millz r

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Content Writing Experiment Conclusion

Week 4: At the end of Week Four we have a total of 38 hours invested for 2010 dollars. That comes to a grand total of 52.9 dollars per hour, or rounded up to 53 USD per hour. I could

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