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Content Writing Experiment Conclusion

Week 4: At the end of Week Four we have a total of 38 hours invested for 2010 dollars. That comes to a grand total of 52.9 dollars per hour, or rounded up to 53 USD per hour. I could

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Exploitation of Writers: Fact or Fiction

Something that is a fairly hot topic among certain circles in the Internet community of freelance writers is the concept of livable wages, or the amount of money an individual needs to make in order to pay their cost of

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Content Writing Experiment: Week 3 Results

Week 3: 10 hours spent, 525 dollars made, for an average of 52.5 dollars per hour. It should be noted that I only wrote 9 Demand Studios articles over the course of Week 3. I still hold to the fact

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To post daily, or not to post daily

In the myriad of blog posts and websites around the Interwebz, one of the most common themes put out by social media experts is “more, more MORE!”. They tell you to post Tweets every few minutes, post multiple daily posts

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Content Writing Experiment: Week 2

I’m not writing the full 2 hours every day. Some days I go over a bit, and other days I go under. It just depends on how I feel or if I have anything else going on. At the end

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Content Writing Experiment: Week 1 Numbers

Keep in mind that I will be putting all of these numbers into an Excel sheet + providing screenshots of all my PayPal stubs and otherwise at the end of the experiment. These lists for now are simply my daily

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Mid-week post

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that our New Year’s Writing Competition only has a couple more days left until submissions come to a stop, so if you want a shot at winning some cash and a guest blog spot,

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New Year’s Writing Competition

To get the New Year started off with a bang, Complete Writing Solutions is sponsoring our first-ever New Year’s Writing Competition. There will be three prizes offered to contestants. First Prize: $30.00 and a guest-blog spot featuring your post. Second

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To be, or not to be.

Christmas is past, but we are still on semi-hiatus until the 4th of January. Next week we will be revealing one of the many projects we have planned for the first few months of the new year. For now, a

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Tools of the trade, part II

As more and more people transition into the digital world and upload or create new content in the various nooks and crannies of the Interwebz, a common occurrence is for lines to cross. Somewhere along the way someone is going

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    Imagine the following scenario: It’s been six months or so since your last dental checkup, and it’s time to get your teeth cleaned. Your old dentist is out of town, or maybe you’ve moved into a new town, so you…Read more ›
  • How should I price my copywriting rates?
    Rates are one of the hottest topics of debate among writers in the United States. Ironically, not so much outside of the U.S. As someone who has spent much of the past 13+ years traveling, and four and a half…Read more ›
  • A Day in the Life of an Expat Copywriter
    As most of you know from reading the blog and following along at our Facebook page, I’ve been extremely busy with my current full-time job, which is managing my online community with Marginal Boundaries and establishing niche sites and products…Read more ›
  • Copywriting Services
    While I don’t regularly post blog updates for other writers anymore due to being extremely busy with my Marginal Boundaries and other products such as The Expat Guidebook, Complete Writing Solutions still exists as a platform for my clients past,…Read more ›
  • CWS In 2012
    It’s been pretty quiet on the blog front for Complete Writing Solutions in 2012, and there’s a reason for that Those of you who have been following along for some time already know it’s because things are in full swing…Read more ›