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How to be an eco-friendly Freelance Writer.

Cell phone alternatives

Everyone has one. They use them to text, download music, watch streaming media, check their email, send files, stay in touch with their friends, and talk to family members no matter where they are in the world. Cell phones are,

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The value of cheap entertainment

In a working world where the vast majority of Americans seem to be forced to work obscene amounts of hours in order to barely eek out an existence, the value of entertainment seems to have gone up even more than

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Survivability in the 21st Century: Needs Versus Wants

This morning I was inspired to write a post on survivability after I noticed someone had reached my website after Googling the phrase “I only make 80k a year, how can I survive?” The first thought that went through my

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Guest Post by Toni Star

How to Remain Globally Relevant as a Freelance Writer As a freelance writer I feel responsible in writing not only what I feel is relevant to the US but also articles that inform and inspire others, globally. Having written several

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Green Freelancing: Fact or Fiction?

Ever wondered what it really means to be “green”? A decision we made a few years ago was to go entirely paperless. What does that mean? First of all, we don’t do fax machines. We do scans. Did you know

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