Prior to becoming a freelance writer and world traveler, I had a career as a third-generation ceramic tile and natural stone designer and installer in Colorado, specifically catering to high-end residential projects in Steamboat Springs and the other ski-resort communities, as well as along the Front Range region of Denver, Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and Longmont. From 1997 until 2002 I was the supervisor and foreman for Artisan Tile & Stone, a multi-million dollar family-owned company specializing in high-end commercial and residential projects, and in 2002 I branched off and formed my own company, Anderson Tile Company, Inc., which went on to be involved in such projects as The Porches and Marabou Ranch in Steamboat Springs, as well as various other high-end condos, spec-homes, and residential projects throughout the Front Range area from 2002 until 2007. Then, in late 2007 the economy brought the construction industry to a grinding halt. At the time, I was involved with a Bulgarian girl, and we decided to move abroad to Sofia, Bulgaria where she had an apartment.

Between 1999 and 2007 I traveled extensively throughout Europe in between work projects, often for months at a time. This first-hand experience of various countries, foods, wines, and cultures culminated in providing part of the foundation for Complete Writing Solutions, which is now my day job above and beyond what I do at Marginal Boundaries. Here I provide copywriting, ghostwriting, content writing and other forms of writing services for clients around the world, while over there I write travel-related content based upon my 13+ years of world traveling and my 4+ years of living outside of the United States as an expat, plus travel guides teaching people how to live like a local in various destinations as well as why they should want to do so in the first place.

In January, 2008, I took my knowledge of interior design and high-end residential construction, my knowledge from years spent supervising a multi-million dollar family-owned company and combined it with my first-hand travel experiences, my passion for video games and my experience as a business owner, and embarked upon what would become the beginnings of Complete Writing Solutions. Since then, the business has grown in leaps and bounds and expanded into a global network of clients for whom I have completed a variety of projects.

My travel articles have appeared on USA Today, and I’ve worked on home improvement content for brands such as Dremel. I’ve written game guides for Killer Guides. I’ve written health, recipe and eco-friendly articles for Green Diva Mom. I’ve written an extensive body of travel articles for Trav Buddy as a work-for-hire author, and I spent 8 months as a writer and editor for the kids-to-teens fantasy RPG Academagia. I’ve worked on numerous work-for-hire projects for Pure Content Media Limited out of the UK, ranging from travel articles to personal website projects on popular TV shows, cultural mythology, history, musicals, films, actor bios, space travel, spread betting and sports betting, FOREX, travel tips, visa regulations on a global scale, employment issues, press releases and more, and I continue to work for them from time to time.

I worked with Textprovider out of Germany throughout 2010 on a work-for-hire basis writing SEO articles on a wide variety of topics, and I’ve written a series of feature articles and editorials for G Magazine TV, golf’s premier lifestyle and travel magazine . My articles on MMORPGs can be found at sites such as MMO Hub and Gamer God, and in 2009 I wrote two separate short stories for the background on a forthcoming science fiction MMORPG from GLM Entertainment out of Dubai. Using my years of experience in the field, I wrote construction/home building content for Home Anatomy, and I’ve written numerous home improvement and other articles through Demand Studios.

In addition, I’ve got a few short fiction sales under my belt to various e-zines and magazines, not the least of which was the first incarnation of Marginal Boundaries back in early 2010, which at the time was a speculative fiction magazine some writing friends of mine helped me put together, showcasing a wide variety of writing and artistic talent from around the world. In 2011 I revamped Marginal Boundaries into a lifestyle website based upon the way I’ve been living for the past 3+ years. In April of 2011 I published the first product for Complete Writing Solutions, the eBook Content Writing 101: How to make a minimum of $50 per hour writing for content mills, using my personal experiences over the previous 4+ years as a reference point.

I’m currently based out of Cancun, Mexico after 2.5 years in Sofia, Bulgaria, during which time I visited a variety of countries ranging from Macedonia to Greece and her outlying islands to Turkey, Italy, Austria, France, Germany and Poland (among others), and starting on September, 2010 I began a working tour that will see me making my way through Central and South America, staying for 3-6 months at a time in various cities and countries, with no time tables or itineraries, writing immersion travel guides for my other website in between freelance contracts here at Complete Writing Solutions, as well as The Expat Guidebook. My goal there is to show people just how marginal the boundaries on the map really are, how to take charge of their own lives and live the dream of being a location independent digital nomad while controlling every penny that they earn, utilizing information that you can only get from someone who has been on the ground, living like a local and sharing that information with you.

In 2012 I also launched The Mediterranean Lifestyle: Olympian Health and Wellness According to The Mediterranean Diet. It follows my personal journey into Bulgaria and through my travels as I discovered the power of whole foods and natural healing, shedding 50 pounds along the way and consequently seeing all of my ailments disappear. No more sinus infections, no more cyst in my ankle, no more chronic tendinitis and much, much more. My transformation served as the inspiration for the project.

I’ve traveled to dozens of countries. I’ve opened businesses, established residency and lived in four different countries, and I’ve been debt-free and enjoying an early retirement since I was 29 years old, all while living in exotic destinations and experiencing adventures that most people only ever read about in National Geographic or watch on The Travel Channel. I traded in a lifestyle of wage slavery and 40+ years of working in the job force for a life of absolute freedom and early retirement…and I didn’t need a million dollars to do it.

For a detailed resume, feel free to query.

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