Content Writing 101: Mythical Wages Debunked

While most of my time here at Complete Writing Solutions above and beyond the work I do for clients is spent working on freelance content writing tips and hints as well as coverage of hot topics related to content writing for content mills, with such blog posts as Another Look At Content Mills and Profitability via Content Mills: Fact or Fiction, I also spend a lot of my time on-location doing travel writing for various places and publications, as well as working on the launch of my own travel-related publication, Marginal Boundaries. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good chance to share some pictures with you all to give you an idea of the type of lifestyle I live while utilizing content mills in between traditional clients. You can consider this promotion for the upcoming Content Writing 101: How to Make a Minimum of $50 an Hour Writing for Content Mills eBook that will be launching sometime during the first week of April, as well as the upcoming launch of Marginal Boundaries and the informational products that will be sold there, teaching people how and why they should be living abroad rather than in their home countries.

While my initial reasons for moving to and living in Bulgaria were slightly different than my reasons for moving to and living in Cancun, the simple fact of the matter is that I generate a significant amount of income through content mills. Sometimes I work primarily for content mills, such as in January and February when I made $8,000 dollars via Pure Content Media, while other times I work with content mills in between traditional clients, such as last November when I did around $1,400 dollars of work for Demand Studios in my spare time between kicking my feet up on the beach at Isla Mujeres. And as most of you know from following my other posts, such as my Content Writing Experiment Conclusion from back in early 2010, I’ve long made a habit of hitting that sweet spot of $50 an hour minimum when I’m working for content mills, a feat which most naysayers continually claim is impossible. And yet I continue to achieve the impossible on a regular basis. Some part of me finds that ironic, while another part finds it simply amusing. Yet another part of me finds it inspiring, which is the reason I ramble on so frequently about the subject, and is the main reason behind my aforementioned Content Writing 101 project, which takes people behind the method that I use to regularly achieve the impossible. Some people claim it’s not real writing; I like to point at my paychecks and the lifestyle I live as proof-positive that it is, in fact, a completely viable way to make a living, and regardless of whether or not some snobbish writer with a degree chooses to acknowledge my hard work, I’m living my life in exactly the way I see fit, on my terms. I’m debt free, exploring the world, and I do it all while writing for content mills in between non-mill clients.

There’s a lot more to what I do than simply making a minimum of $50 an hour, despite utilizing content mills as part of my regular routine. I am one of a growing number of location independent individuals who live their lives as digital nomads, exploring the world while enjoying a cost of living that is a fraction of Western countries, while at the same time having access to all of the same amenities we used to have back home. But instead of paying $2,000 a month or more for rent, groceries and basic living expenses (the average cost I was spending when I used to live in Greeley, Colorado, minus the cost of running my construction company, which usually ran anywhere from 2-3,000 a month depending on the commute to and from Denver/the Front Range), I travel the world and explore exotic locations living in fully-furnished apartments in places that most people think of only as vacation destinations. Like my current base of operations in Cancun, Mexico, where my total expenses on a month-to-month basis are between 800 and 1,000 USD a month. That’s right…total expenses. Rent, groceries, entertainment and everything. I work from my laptop as a digital nomad, writing for content mills as well as providing content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and many other writing services to my ongoing and new clients, enjoying and discovering places that most people only see when taking their two weeks of vacation a year.

Everyone loves vacation. It is the one time in your life when you are allowed to break away from the work grind and go see exotic locations that speak to your heart. You plan for months in advance, saving every penny against the hope that one day you will eventually be able to see the places that you have dreamed about for so long. And when you finally save up enough money and have the time off of work to go, you only have a couple of weeks (or several) to spend in your chosen destination, cramming your itinerary with “things to do” so you can see and experience everything you want within that limited amount of time. In most cases, you end up selecting your favorite things and places to see from a much larger list that is refined because you don’t have enough time or money to explore everything you want. You squeeze every last little minute for everything it’s worth, eking out every last drop before you return to your 40-hour-a-week grind back home.

Now imagine being able to live in that location. Imagine having all the time you could ever want to explore every last little item on your list. Imagine having more than enough money to spend on all the little things you could never have explored while on vacation, because you have evolved from tourist to local. Imagine never having to return home, because this is your home. Imagine never needing to return to that 9-to-5 grind. Imagine waking up without an alarm clock, never needing to clock in, taking as long as you want for lunch or dinner, going to bed when you want, sleeping as long as you want, and doing everything you ever wanted without anyone telling you no.

That, in its very essence, is what being location independent as a digital nomad is really about. Absolute freedom. And it is exactly why I have been pursuing this lifestyle for going on four years now, living and working abroad from destinations around the world. Currently I am at the start of what is looking to be an 8 year venture down into Latin America while I explore Central and South America as well as Mexico, heading to and living in various cities and countries for a minimum of 3 months at a time. All the while supporting myself as a freelance writer providing unique website content along with content writing services and copywriting services for clients around the world. And while my traditional form of income has been primarily from my freelance writing, the launch of Marginal Boundaries will see a slew of informational products launched that show people exactly how to do what I do for a living, as well as the reasons why you should be considering living and working abroad, regardless if you are working remotely or not. Anyone can enjoy this lifestyle, and if you are someone who enjoys seeing your hard-earned money go four or five times farther than it ever would back in your home country, all the while exploring and discovering the places you have dreamed about for so long via coffee-table books and hours spent on Google whilst planning your two week vacations, this is the perfect time to head out into the world and see everything there is to see.

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T.W. Anderson is the founder of Complete Writing Solutions, and is a freelance writer specializing in travel writing, website content, interior design and home improvement, green-related topics, as well as anything else potential clients need him to be.

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10 comments on “Content Writing 101: Mythical Wages Debunked
  1. Mark says:

    Love this article. I write primarily for DS and my varied background allows me to make between $200 adn $300 per day in less than 8 hours. I get paid twice a week and never have to deal with office politics. I am not quite where you are , yet, but I am right on your heels. I would love to read your new book when it comes out.

  2. Rock on, Mark.

    Having a varied background helps. I know with myself in particular, when I first started I only knew three things: home improvement, video games and travel. After about a year that list had expanded to include health and wellness and some other niches. Over time, though, I came to realize that it’s not always about what you know and what niches you have, but also being able to adapt and write within “niches of the moment”, which is something I talk about in the eBook. And the best part about those niches? ANYONE can pick up niches of the moment and use them to their advantage, regardless of previous experience or education :)

    Awesome to hear another success story. Here’s to paychecks sans office politics and protocols :)

  3. I’ve got someone I’ll be recommending your ebook to. Looking forward to it.

  4. Hola, Steve :) Great to hear from you! Thanks for the plug :)

    It should prove to be an inspirational piece for many writers, which was the reason I wanted to do this after putting together the foundation over the past couple of years.

  5. My brother suggested I may like this website. He was once totally right. This submit actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  6. This is the 1st time I have commented proper here and I should say you give real, and quality info for bloggers! Excellent job.

  7. I am aspiring book auther, however I get terrible writers obstruct. Or even worse, I get this idea, begin composing about it, and then halfway via I draw a blank, leave the story and in no way work on it again. Any ideas for writing a good story with out the writers block?

  8. Best way around writer’s block is to do what every professional author says: never stop writing. Even if you think you are writing crap, keep putting out at least 2,000 words a day. Even if you feel like you have no inspiration, that your ideas are rubbish and that you are drawing a blank, just sit down and start writing and let the story and characters flow through you. Never stop writing, because it is in the editing phase that you can come back and start pruning the bushes and weeding out the things you don’t want. The key is to consistently put down words on paper, every single day, no matter what.

    Good luck and thanks for the comment!

  9. Thanks, Stanford. Hope to see some more of you around here in the future :)

  10. Your brother pointed you in the right direction, at least :) Glad to hear you found such inspiration. Hope to see more of you around!

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