Content Writing Experiment: Week 2

I’m not writing the full 2 hours every day. Some days I go over a bit, and other days I go under. It just depends on how I feel or if I have anything else going on. At the end of my session today, I’m up against 9.5 hours of work balanced against 455 dollars so far. 47.8 dollars per hour, or 48 dollars per hour. Note that I’m still 30 minutes short of my 10 hours per week schedule as of this writing. I’m going to pop over to Demand Studios this evening and plug in 3 articles to bring myself up to the 10 hours mark, which also puts me at 500 dollars for the weeks’ worth of time. 50 dollars an hour.

Interestingly, as you can see from this week’s numbers, when I cut Demand Studious out of the equation, I made significantly less money. I never dropped below 40 dollars an hour, however, which is double the national average of a US resident/citizen. Far beyond minimum wage, and definitely nowhere near exploitative wages. No one is being abused or taken advantage of by these content sites.

One thing I want to add: writing for content sites is primarily only profitable if you stick to short and fast articles, at least as far as I’m concerned.  I noticed a drastic drop in the income level once I started writing 1k word articles. While anything up to 500 words is short, sweet, and incredibly easy to write, once you progress beyond that point you have to actually start worrying about the flow of information within the article. You are no longer just “blurbing” information. Instead, you have to form cohesive flow from one point to the next. Definitely more challenging, and definitely more time consuming.

If I had to research these 1k articles I’d be down to around 30 dollars an hour, I think. However, I am provided with all the links and research already in place, so all I am required to do is write the articles. This is incredibly easy, and doesn’t require any “thinking” beyond forming a cohesive structure to the articles themselves. As a general rule, these 1k articles are taking me about 20 minutes per article to write. If I had to research these, I could easily see them taking me an additional 10 minutes, for 2 an hour versus 3 an hour.

Even so, if I were researching these and writing 2 of them in an hour that is still 24 dollars an hour. This is above the national average put forth by the Social Security administration. What that means is that even if you are doing the bare minimum you would still be making more than the average American.

The goal of this experiment is to average 50 dollars an hour, minimum. Last week I was far beyond. This week, I hit it right on the money. If I hadn’t used Demand Studios in a couple of places I would have dropped to just over 40 dollars an hour, which is an interesting note. Demand Studios is still by far the most profitable place to write content for a content site as per this experiment.

Day 6:

3 x 10 dollars in 30 minutes: 30 dollars.

5 blog articles @ 8 dollars apiece, roughly 1 hour: 40 dollars

Day 7:

Same as above. Also did 3 Demand Studios articles in 30 minutes. 1 rewrite request, took about 5 seconds to add one more sentence in the overview.

Day 8:

Content writing for another site. 1k word articles @ 12 bucks a pop. 4-5 links already provided; just filling in the blanks, rewriting.

5 articles @ 1k apiece…Roughly 1.5 hours. 60 dollars

3 daily articles @ 300 words each. 30 dollars.

I was at the desk for about 2 hours.

Day 9:

Repeat of day 8.

Day 10:

Repeat of last 2 days.

T.W. Anderson is the founder of Complete Writing Solutions, and is a freelance writer specializing in travel writing, website content, interior design and home improvement, green-related topics, as well as anything else potential clients need him to be.

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