How do I write quality articles?

The first step to writing a quality article, regardless if it is for yourself or for a client, is to remove the concept of individuality from your head. When you take on another client’s project, it’s not their project anymore. It’s your project. After all, they are paying you to perform a task. You are now part of their team, and as such, your passion for the project should be just as intense as their own.

One of the phrases that gets thrown around a lot in the freelance writing world is “writing in multiple voices”. This concept is something that ties directly into becoming part of each individual project that you work on, because the only way to really write a quality article is to be enthused about the materiel. If you aren’t passionate, if you aren’t enthused, if you just don’t care, it’s going to show up in your work, and you could quickly go from being  the “go to” writer to the writer nobody wants to work with again because your work comes off as being poor quality.

Now, obviously you don’t want to write articles that are too far out of your league. That’s not to say you can’t research a given topic and become knowledgeable enough about it to write topically, but it would be impossible for you to really write an in-depth article about how to properly perform brain surgery to remove a bullet unless you happen to be a practicing surgeon with X amount of years beneath your belt that make you qualified to write about that specific topic. But in the content world of digital media, the chances of you coming up against something you aren’t qualified to write about are slim to none. After all, the Internet is a wonderful resource, and finding contact information, phone numbers, and all the various ways to dig up information are literally just a search engine click away, and as long as you can research a given topic and write about it coherently, then you can write content.

But generic content isn’t the same as quality content. True, anyone can Google a topic and read a Wikipedia article and put it into their own words to create website content. That’s the easy part. What seperates the generic content writers from the quality writers is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your client. To become them. To take on their passion for the project. Once you have mastered this, the difference in writing quality shows through in absolute measures, because it goes from being simply a re-written content article to something filled with passion and enthusiasm.

Not everyone is capable of doing this. And there are always going to be projects which come across your table which don’t exactly strike you as something you could really “get into”, and while yes, you do have the option of turning such projects down, it’s better to get into the practise of taking on the guise of your client and turning their project into your own personal project. After all, they are paying you, and you are not only staking your reputation on their happiness with your product, but also any future work you do for them, not to mention word of mouth and referrals.

Remember, the difference between writing content and quality content is your passion for the topic. Master the art of persona, and you will become a master of content writing.

T.W. Anderson is the founder of Complete Writing Solutions, and is a freelance writer specializing in travel writing, website content, interior design and home improvement, green-related topics, as well as anything else potential clients need him to be.

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